My goal for taking videos at concerts is not to obstruct the view of those behind me, but to recreate the magic of each night. Electronic music has constructed a gateway to another realm full of exuberance and community for a lot of us. 
My aim is to document these memorable moments in my own way. The videos in this playlist are supposed to reflect the energy and visuals the way they appear in real life. Whether that is making the screens look like they are dancing to the beat or adding in kaleidoscope/mirrored effects to show what it looks like to be (slightly) inebriated at a badass show. Whether that is changing the lighting to show just how dreamy and ethereal the set was or adding in a tons of distorting visual effects to recreate the absolutely unhinged vibe of the show. 
I do this because I love it. I do not do it for money or clout or recognition. Although those all sound nice too. I am here for the music, the people, and the love. Why are you here? 
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